Universal Love           
Gaurav Gupta Couture 2021-22 is inspired by the Universe. The expanse of the cosmos, the millions of stars, the axis and the movement of all planets; sprinkling and spiralling in infinite loops of time, meteoric showers and racing comets inspire abstract galactic embroideries and silhouettes. The garments exude a sense of expanse and grandeur of the cosmos. All done to strive -perfect harmony and love.
Director: Taruna Hooda
Cinematography: Anubhav Verma, Arya Chakravarty 
Stylist: Sandeep Gill
Talent: Priyadarshini Chaterjee, Nitya Arora, TJ Gil, Rabanne Victor, Ransher Singh, Gurjyot Singh, Prince Singh, Muskan Bisaria, Mona Bhujel, Varsha Gopal, Riya Sharma, Manya Mitra, Sanchi Mannotra
Edit: Nitish Kanjilal
Production: Gopalika Virmani | MMC World
HMU: Sandy’s Artistry

Language: English Client: Gaurav Gupta Year: 2021