Earth Song by Payal Jain          

Earth Song is a cry to save the fast receding wild life on our planet, causing many species to become extinct, as their natural habitat is being mindlessly stripped away, turning lush forests into urban developments. This rampant destruction is forcing wild animals to abandon their homes or choose to perish forever. Earth Song is the voice of the voiceless, the cry of the wild for empathy, compassion, love and help…to save their home, life, children and very existence.
Creative Direction :Nitish Kanjilal
Concept & Design : Team Payal Jain

Cinematography: Anubhav Verma, Nitish Kanjilal, Pratik Sagar
Talent : Preeti, Sangita, Devanshi, Esme 
Edit: Nitish Kanjilal
Production : N Consolidated | Nikhil Lal
Make up / Hair : Team Anu Kaushik
Wardrobe / Backstage : Pujan Sharma
Language: English Client: Rahul Mishra Year: 2021